Where and when does the race start?

Both the 10k and the Half Marathon start at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium located at 550 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401. Both the 10k and the Half Marathon are on Saturday June 1, 2019 at 7:00am.


How do I register?

Click here for online registration.


Is this the Zooma Annapolis event?

After 10 wonderful years bringing together women in the DC-metro area, Zooma Annapolis has entered a new phase in its life. Zooma has since passed the torch to Pacers Running to usher in this new era in Annapolis running with the Wayfarer's Half. We continue to work closely with Zooma and their leadership and look forward to hosting many former Zooma runners and current fans. For more information on Zooma, visit zoomarun.com


Can I switch my race choice for Wayfarer’s?

Yes, run distance switches can be made, however there are no refunds if switching from a more expensive to a less expensive run. Entrants can update their own distances within a race by accessing their Chronotrack profile – My Races. If that’s not successful please email events@runpacers.com to request a distance switch within an event.


Is there a time limit?

Wayfarer’s is committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our events regardless of speed and do our best to obtain finish times for all timed Wayfarers. Course time limits are in place and enforced in order to adhere to municipality and permit requirements per the following guidelines based on gross race start gun time.   Guidelines may change as required by weather, police availability, and other safety concerns and, while rare, can happen as late as prior to/during the event. Please email events@runpacers.com prior to registration to inquire about consideration of any needed special circumstances.

RACE DISTANCE COURSE TIME CUT-OFF is based on a required 15 minute per mile pace.

NOTE: Pacers Running reserves the right to enforce a minimum time limit for lead packs including wheelchair athletes.

Course cut offs: 

#1: College Avenue at King George (mile 3.3): must reach by 7:55am
Participants will be sent to continue onto their course minus the College Avenue portion of course. Course reduction: 1.6 miles

#2: King George at Rt 450 (10K/Half split): must reach by 8:25am
Half participants falling behind pace will be sent onto 10K course to finish.

#3 Boulter's Way // Winchester Neighborhood (mile 7.4): must reach Boulter's Way by 8:56am
Participants not reaching Boulter's Way by 8:56 will be turned around prior to entering neighborhood portion reducing route by 2.9 miles.

#4 Mile 11: must reach mile 11 by 9:50 am
Participants must reach mile 11 (prior to bridge) by 9:50am.

It is our desire that all participants are able to finish the course at their speed within the allowable timelines. At any time during event, if a participant is falling behind pace Pacers Events reserves right to modify course for participant or pick up and return to finish. 


Will there be Aid Stations?

Bathrooms will be available at mile 2.8 (public restroom), 5.5, 6.5, 7.8, 9.5, 11.3, 11.9
The Mile 2.8, 5.5 restrooms are available for 10K runners.  Restrooms will also be available inside the stadium before and after the run. 


Will there be On Course Support?

There will be three opportunities for liquids on the half course (three on the 10K course). Every station will have water and Gatorade (first station water only) and the 6.5 mile station will have nutritionals. 


Will there be a gear check or bag drop?

No, there will not be gear or bag check for the race. Wayfarers who have items they would like to have either before or after the race are encouraged to leave those items in their personal vehicle.


Can I run with my headphones on?

Any participant who chooses to wear headphones while running assumes full responsibility for their use. Wayfarers must be able to hear all instructions and directions given by race course personnel and be aware of their surroundings at all times.


What are the awards for this event?

This event is about personal milestones and achievements therefore all awards will be based off of individual goal setting; we will not be offering traditional age group or overall awards. Set your goal for the event in your registration (you can also amend later on if your goal changes!) and we will be there to celebrate you at your finish.

Are strollers allowed?

Wayfarer's welcomes families running with strollers to participate. Please use your best judgement and make sure your tiny Wayfarer can handle the proposed distance. Strollers must start in the back, may not weave through packs of Wayfarers, and must always yield the right of way to other Wayfarers. Please be aware of the fact Wayfarers are not looking out for you and we ask that everyone respects each other on course and uses good decision making skills and sportsmanlike conduct at all times.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs on 5 foot, non-retractable leashes are permitted to run either race distance at the discretion of their owners . Dogs must be friendly, be up to date with shots, and have no history of fighting or biting. Pet owners take full responsibility for the behavior of their pet, must start towards the back, may not weave through packs of Wayfarers, must yield the right of way to other Wayfarers and must clean up after their pet.


What is the age limit for Wayfarer’s?

Wayfarer’s defers to the best judgment of the parent/guardian as to the fitness level and experience regarding appropriate participation of younger Wayfarers.


Where do I get my race bib, pins, patches, and Vooray bag?

Event memento and bib pick up will take place at Pacers Clarendon and Charm City Run Annapolis starting on May 17th . Wayfarers will be notified when packet pick up opens allowing everyone to make plans to get their gear before event day.  Your bib and Vooray performance Fanny Pack will be available for pick up. Please note some mementos, such as badges, commemorative and goal patches and/or pins, and finishers keepsake may be distributed at the post-race party.

There is no race day bib pick up.


How are the events timed?

Wayfarer’s 10k and Half Marathon will be electronically tag timed - look for the strip on the back of your race bib and be sure not to crimp it. One mile Wayfarers will receive bibs but the mile is untimed.


Where should I park on race day?

There is parking at the Navy Marine-Corps Memorial Stadium located at 550 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401. The Stadium is the race start and finish line for both the 10k and Half Marathon.


If I can't race can I get a refund?
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or transfers.

Can I transfer my entry to a different Pacers Event?

Yes! A registrant can transfer from one Pacers Running event to another up to two weeks in advance of the original event date for an accommodation fee as follows:
* For a new event that is lower in value than the original paid cost, a $10 Transfer fee applies
* For a new event that is a higher value than the original paid cost, the difference in the current race prices plus a $10 Transfer fee applies.

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Transferring is a paid participant finding a second runner to take over their race spot. For reasons such as liability, safety, accurate scoring, etc., the process requires notification to and partnership with Pacers Running.
* Transfers without proper process essentially creates a ‘bandit’ which will result in a runner not being timed and both runners potentially being barred from future Pacers Running events.
* The Parkway Classic , the New Jersey Marathon, and Wayfarer's can provide Runner-to-Runner transfers up to two weeks in advance of the original event date for an admin fee of $20 and any current race entry prices difference.
* Pacers Running does not assist registrants in finding transfer candidates. Any financial transactions involved in registration transfers are strictly between the immediate parties and are not the responsibility of Pacers Events LLC, Farley Enterprise (Transfer at your own risk!)
* Transfer requests must be submitted via email to events@runpacers.com by the original registrant copying in the new participant with the following information for both runners included in the email: Full name, Email address, Phone number,
* Upon receipt of request, a code will be sent by “reply all” for the new registrant to complete their own new entry. This new registration must occur within 24 hours of receiving the code and will incur the $20.00 transfer fee at time of new runner registration.

What about a defer to next year?

The Parkway Classic , the New Jersey Marathon, and Wayfarer's can provide Defers up to two weeks in advance of the original event date for an admin fee: Parkway Fee = $25, New Jersey Marathon Fee = $30, Wayfarer's Fee = $20.
* Deferred registrations are non-transferable, non-refundable, and are valid for only the one calendar year following the original paid entry
* When the following year online registration opens, approved Defer entries will receive an email to the address provided in the original entry with instructions and a code for completing the new online registration form.

Weather Considerations?

Pacers Running events including Wayfarer's are held rain, snow, sleet, heat, or shine– there are not “rain” dates for races. In conjunction with the municipalities, Pacers Running reserves the right to delay an event start for any reason, including weather. Typically events can be delayed up to 30 minutes prior to planned start if there is lightning.

Event Alert System (E.A.S.)


The EAS is a color-coded classification that broadcasts the risk level of course conditions leading up to and on race day. The levels range from low (green) to moderate (yellow) to high (red) to extreme (black) based on a variety of factors. (See chart above for further explanation.) This system is mainly used to reflect weather conditions but can also be used to alert runners and volunteers of any possible race concern that may occur.


Change or Cancellation of an Event?

Pacers Running, as advised by the Police and Fire/EMS Departments, may cancel, shorten, or alter any event or course due to weather, other acts of God, terrorism, or for any other reasons within or not within the control of Pacers Running. In the case of event change, all entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred toward a future event.  Pacers Running also reserves the right to change a race to an untimed “fun run” without advance notice.

Final decisions regarding conduct of races will be made within an hour to a half hour prior to the start of the race and will be announced over the race public address system, and Twitter