Click on the links below to see our USATF certified course maps.


Participants must maintain a 15 minute/mile pace. 

Course cut offs: 

#1: College Avenue at King George (mile 3.3): must reach by 7:55am

Participants will be sent to continue onto their course minus the College Avenue portion of course. Course reduction: 1.6 miles

#2: King George at Rt 450 (10K/Half split): must reach by 8:25am

Half participants falling behind pace will be sent onto 10K course to finish.

#3 Boulter's Way // Winchester Neighborhood (mile 7.4): must reach Boulter's Way by 8:56am

Participants not reaching Boulter's Way by 8:56 will be turned around prior to entering neighborhood portion reducing route by 2.9 miles.

#4 Mile 11: must reach mile 11 by 9:50 am

Participants must reach mile 11 (prior to bridge) by 9:50am.


It is our desire that all participants are able to finish the course at their speed within the allowable timelines. At any time during event, if a participant is falling behind pace Pacers Events reserves right to modify course for participant or pick up and return to finish.